Jitka Němečková *1976 (Czech Republic)

"My greatest passion is to touch the depths of the human soul with a brush. What is a soul? A dimension that I can't describe exactly in words, but at the same time a space that is my greatest inspiration. I am a wanderer LANDSCAPE BEHIND THE EYES, I wander the precious regions of human feelings and bring back home the stories in which our hearts can melt.

Accept as cordially as possible the invitation to my, and perhaps your, landscape behind the eyes. In places where the mind can calm down and the heart melt safely. 
Jitka Nemeckova (Ella Erba) 

Are you attracted to time just for you?
Do you want to rest, relax and let your body and soul be cared for? Do you love gentle movement in the rhythm of yoga and wandering crayons on paper?
Then we cordially invite you to join us, for a caring afternoon with gentle yoga and drawing in the beautiful nature of Myšlín Gardens.  

WHEN: 23.7.2021, 16:00 - 20:00
Reservations: info@yogaart.cz, 605 432 591
WHERE: Myšlín Gardens, Myšlín 2, Mnichovice

State Castle Bezděz 31. 7. - 3. 10. 2021
Meeting with the author: 7.8., 21.8., 18.9.2021