Jitka Němečková *1976 (Czech Republic)

"My greatest passion is to touch the essence of the human soul with a brush. What is the soul? A dimension that I can't describe exactly in words, but at the same time a space that is my greatest inspiration. It is a place inside me where there are concentrated feelings, experiences, and life stories. A place where sincerity lies and understanding. I paint paintings that touch the depths of the heart and kindly tell the stories of us humans.

Because I believe that understanding, authenticity, and uniqueness come from the depths of my soul, and because I love the beauty that elevates, caresses, and brings hope.

Welcome to my gallery and be in touch with a kind brush".                                    
Jitka Nemeckova (Ella Erba) 

CERTIFICATE - Luxembourg Art Prize 2020

It is a great honor for me to share my success in 2020. Being in the company of such great talents warms my heart. 

I paint, I write, I think, I listen ... 
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