"Art is one way how to touch your own soul.
How to listen the stories that inspire a desire for love, 
truth, wisdom and meaning of life in our endless Universe. 
Be welcome and let me tell you the story of your own soul."

Jitka Němečková


THE BIRTH OF THE EARTH: 2. 6. 2019 - 1. 9. 2019

The exhibition will start with the opening at 3 pm, 2. 6. 2019.

I cordially invite you to the exhibition of SOUL PAINTINGS, which will take place in the baroque complex Skalka in Mníšek pod Brdy. The Baroque complex Skalka is located in the beautiful countryside above Mnisek and who does not know the place is accessible to strollers, lively and restless children and others who long for peace and contemplation.   I am very much looking forward to meeting you.

Dům a bydlení Liberec: 18. - 20. 10. 2019

XV. the annual sales and contracting exhibition of furniture and interior design, which is connected with the exhibition 

"Autosalon Liberec".

The Housing Fair is a great opportunity for me to meet you personally. The term is appropriately chosen for the pre-Christmas period, so you can buy gifts for your loved ones or to be inspired to decorate your interior. I look forward to meeting you on the first floor of the Home Credit Arena.