Jitka Němečková (*1976 Czech Republic)

SOUL. A dimension that I can't describe exactly in words, but at the same time the essence that inspires me the most. It is a place inside me where there are concentrated feelings, experiences and life stories, a place where sincerity and correct answers to the right questions lie. When I am in contact with my soul, I choose freely, I understand the context in depth and I believe that I am in my purest essence. In harmony with the soul, my life is full and meaningful. Maybe you have a similar one.

And I also approach the human soul in my work.
I learned not to master and judge streams of colors and shapes in the first place and to accept with an open mind what is being created. Step by step touching colors, shapes and words, following the path of subtle strokes, layering, the playfulness of light and shadow, and without planning and intent to let your hands and hearts form something that springs from my essence, from my soul.

What can the Painting of the Soul bring you?

Each of us has our own soul topic. Whether it's an ideal relationship, a connection with intuition, abundance, motherhood, inner peace, mission, etc. This topic resonates in you, as do the colors and shapes in a particular painting. It's similar to your favorite music, which will give you a concert of deep-seated feelings. I believe that thanks to the composition of colors and shapes that resonate with you, the painting can support you on the path to what is most important to you.

Welcome to my gallery and come choose your right ORIGINAL for your soul.

Jitka Němečková (Ella Erba)