"THE EYE OF THE Hurricane is for me a symbol of the journey from the center to the edge. From the center, where there is peace,

from where I get answers to my questions and where I rest and draw
from the source. To the edge, where there are emotions, fragmentation, inattention, confusion, chaos and pain.

When I was thinking about what to paint for this time and what would bring me light and direction and me, it is a symbol of the EYE OF THE Hurricane. It shows me where I am well and, conversely, what is not helping me.
We all know our hurricane center, if we are relaxed, safe
and nothing threatens us, we are there. But as soon as a boss or saleswoman, stressed out by covid, comes up to us, as soon as our PC doesn't work, the child doesn't sleep or we argue with a partner, we are thrown on the sidelines. It's a daily job of realizing what's going on, failing, and going back to the choice
between internal freedom and the collective.
If looking at this picture brings you relief, answers or light,
put it on your desktop, download it to your mobile phone or press it firmly
into your heart. And if you've approached any of you so much that you want to be supported and inspired by them forever, it's for sale here. "

Price: 26.000,- Czk/1.040,- Euro
extent: 70 x 80 cm
(akryl on canvas)