"Last night the raven was visiting me.
He offered me to sit between his wings and fly a little with him.
Over houses, trees, street lighting;
there were lights in the windows and stories of households.
We flew through the darkness, my body was copying his, and I felt slowly,
how do I become a raven.
And then everything was gone, there was nothing at all. 

No space, no thoughts. 

Just me and feelings ... pain, anger, hate, cruelty, wildness, passion ...
"When you get these feelings into life, then you feel real love, compassion, tenderness, joy, depth and inner peace," he said.
Only then will your lives make sense. "


Price: 9.800,- Czk/380 Euro

extent: 60 x 80 cm

(akryl on canvas)

Replica is not avaible.

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