CUSTOM paintings

Painting of the soul is a portrait of our part that is connected with the essence. It's SOUL and if we're in touch with her, the way of life makes sense. As has been said at the beginning, as a conscious person, you know that you are unique and you also know that your uniqueness needs to be taken care of ...

Why to have your own soul painting?

Because in the everyday pressure of the mind, the meaningfulness of the soul is lost, and you know that with it you will be yours, whatever that means.
Because this painting reminds you every morning WHO YOU ARE
and it will give you strength to go your own way.

The painting of the painting precedes a personal meeting, where we find your own topic and we discuss about the details.

And where, for example, can still be a painting of the soul?

In children's rooms, to promote the purity of the child's soul.
In the living rooms for belonging and understanding.
In dormitories for intimacy and connections,
in companies for common direction and prosperity.
Always individually and in accordance with the spirit of a particular person, team or place.

For every custom painting I attach the personal letter telling the story of the painting. You will be able to return to meaning of painting at any time.
A personal or telephone appointment is included in the price and is important for the right choice of topic.


Extent 50 x 70 cm

11.500 Czk/460 Euro

Extent 60 x 80 cm

14.500 Czk/580 Euro

Extent 80 x 120 cm

20.500,- Czk/820 Euro

Extent 90 x 140 cm

25.500,- Czk/1.020 Euro

Extent 100 x 160 cm

30.500,- Czk/1.220 Euro

Extent 120 x 200 cm

45.500,- Czk/1.820 Euro

You can choose any size, we can adjust the price individually.


Would you like to give the painting as an original gift? In this case, here is a gift voucher for you. Choose one of the variants offered and then we will find your wishes and individual needs personally.

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