Born 1976 (Czech republic)

I grew up in a small Moravian village with forests and mysterious places in them, 
in a family where the roots reach deeply 
into the hillsides of the Little Carpathians. 
As a little girl, I enjoyed wandering there and perceiving the energy of a space full of life and also that I was free there and filled with feelings and love. It wasn't until much later that I realized that this unrestrained and responsiveness to things that are connected with the human soul I carry from my family 
as a gift, as well as love for my grandfather's paintings ...

I believe in hope, dreams, truth, love and goodness. I follow what is right for me, break down my own borders and I let mysterious talk. I love flowers, music, good coffee and books of Paolo Coelho. I love to drive a car, 
I love to sleep and study the people around.
My intention is to make the world more beautiful, to paint paintings that make sense to your experiences and bring uniqueness 
to your home.