Born 1976 Brno (Czech republic)

Art is touching of Universum...

As an author, I want to go with each paintings to the beauty, break down my own boundaries and let the mysterious speak. I want to write stories that bring understanding and light when the darkness is around. Inscribe hope and truth to our hearts with colours.

I love stories that make me think and touch my soul, so that it cries with happiness.
There is a source of my life, energy and purpose.

I call my paintings ART of SOUL,
because I believe that with the touch of our souls the world is more creative, wider and crazier at the same time.

Jitka Němečková


2019 ALLFEST Alchymistické Litoměřice

2018 "BEZDĚZ ... Má milovaná" - Královský hrad Bezděz "Photoes"

2018 ALLFEST Alchymistické Litoměřice - "Photoes" a "Interview"


2017 FOR INTERIOR Furniture Fair and Housing Design - Praha "Photoes"

2016 COLOR and FLAVOUR of a WOMAN - Ta Kavárna - Praha

2016 PAINTING OF THE SOUL - Centrum Černý Most - Praha "Photoes"

2016 IN CONTACT - Bookstore U Džoudyho - Praha

2015 COLOR and FLAVOUR of a WOMAN - MUD - Benešov "Photoes"

2015 COLOR and FLAVOUR of a WOMAN - Café na Slovíčko - Benešov "Photoes"