"The angel sat on my bed.
He slipped into the room with the first beam of light.
He sat quietly, wearing a white chemise rolled up on his knees and in his pink,
plump face was all the goodness of the world.
He was kind, incredibly and infinitely kind.
"Hi, I'm yours," he said, still smiling.
This was strange, he didn't fit me at all.
I have raven hair, a sharp critical look and tanned skin in the summer ...
Now, with increasing night, I am thinking about why I have such an angel. Why am I sitting here quietly, taking myself to the mercy and in my tanned face is all the goodness of the world."


Extent: 70 x 120 cm
(akryl on canvas)

REPRODUCTION - The paintings are photographed and digitally processed for printing on art paper or high-quality canvas. More info ...