Born 1976 (Brno - Czech republic)

I grew up in a small Moravian village with forests
and mysterious places in them, in the family,
where the roots go deep into the slopes of the Little Carpathians. When I was little, I liked to wander there and perceived this unfettered landscape full of feelings, love, and mystery. 
I like to draw from immense sources of fantasy, but also from current feelings, perceptions and moods. Step by step, I touch colors, shades, shapes and words and follow the path of gentle strokes, layering, playfulness of light and shadow to the point of complete harmony. Without planning and intent.

I believe in hope, dreams, truth, love and goodness. I follow what is right 
for me, break down my own borders and I let mysterious talk. 
I love flowers, music, good coffee and books by Paolo Coelho. 
I love to drive a car, I love to sleep and study the people around.

I want my paintings to open the door to feelings and understanding.
To be partners for internal dialogue or guides to the world of the human soul.